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Campaign Goals for Adventures Ahead

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Your support for this comprehensive campaign will ensure there are many camping adventures ahead for
new generations of Scouts and the community.

Capital Construction and Improvements: $11,500,000
Dining Hall $5,000,000
Family Adventure Camp $1,000,000
Site Preparation $1,000,000
Cabins and Deluxe Tents $800,000
Land Acquisition $300,000
RV Hookups/Septic System $600,000

Bunkhouses Remodel $500,000
First Aid and Office $500,000
Showers/Restrooms $500,000
Waterfront Improvements $400,000
Property Enhancement $400,000
Climbing Center $300,000
Equipment $200,000

Endowment/Maintenance: $5,000,000
Regular Giving: ($300,000 for five years) $1,500,000

Total Goal: $18,000,000

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