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Adventures Ahead Naming Opportunities

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Dining Hall - $1,000,000
New, 300-seat dining hall with high ceilings and open concept to replace the current facility. The new building will incorporate a Northwest art themed element in homage to how Southwest Washington was built

Cafeteria - $500,000
Located inside the new Dining Hall, the 300-occupant capacity cafeteria will be well suited for camp entertainment during mealtime. Imagine skits and presentations at the front while young Scouts chow down on their favorite camp meals.

Kitchen - $500,000
The kitchen inside the Dining Hall will be equipped with storage and equipment to cook for a camp full of hungry Scouts and visitors as well as space to accommodate the camp kitchen staff and camp cook.

Waterfront - $250,000
Visitors walking down to the Waterfront be greeted with signage showcasing the new boat house, aquatics area and dock.

Shower/Bathroom Facilities (3)* - $250,000
Shower/Bathroom Facilities at the Waterfront, Family Adventure Camp Area and a central location will accommodate family camping and adhere to all youth protection guidelines as well as ADA compliance.

Climbing Center - $200,000
The Climbing Center will include a permanent climbing structure and indoor bouldering for year-round use by campers and group team building.

Climbing Structure / Lookout Tower - $100,000
The permanent Climbing Structure/Lookout Tower will provide year-round adventures for campers and team-building opportunities for groups.

Indoor Bouldering Wall - $50,000
The Indoor Bouldering Wall will provide safe and exciting challenges for Scouts and visitors.

More opportunities are available by downloading the full Naming opportunities brochure.

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