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The Pacific Harbors Council has undertaken a long range effort to set plans in motion to consolidate our camp properties and focus our efforts on improving Camp Thunderbird, as our Premier Camp.

Adventures Ahead Campaign

Adventures Ahead Capital Campaign

Run, jump, climb. Shout out loud, and enjoy the echo. Dirt on your shoes? No problem.

At camp, there is always something fun to do and another adventure just around the corner. Camp is where Scouting comes alive.

The major gifts campaign for Adventures Ahead will support Camp Thunderbirdís capital construction and improvements, endowment/maintenance and regular giving goals to ensure there will always be more adventures ahead.

Camp Thunderbird: Continuing the Journey for Another 100 Years

Pacific Harbors Council is committed to improving its Camp Thunderbird property as the regionís premier youth and leadership camp. The 135-acre camp is situated on the western shore of Summit Lake, near Olympia, Washington.

The camp is regularly utilized by Scouts, by other youth-serving organizations and as a youth and adult leader tra... Read More

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Adventures Ahead Naming Opportunities

Dining Hall - $1,000,000
New, 300-seat dining hall with high ceilings and open concept to replace the current facility. The new building will incorporate a Northwest art themed element in homage to how Southwest Washington was built

Cafeteria - $500,000
Located inside the new Dining Hall, the 300-occupant capacity cafeteria will be well suited for camp entertainment during mealtime. Imagine skits and presentations at the front while young Scouts chow down on their favorite camp meals.

Kitchen - $500,000
The kitchen inside the Dining Hall will be equipped with storage and equipment to cook for a camp full of hungry Scouts and visitors as well as space to accommodate the camp kitchen staff and camp cook.

Waterfront - $250,000
Visitors walking down to the Waterfront be greeted with signage showcasing the new boat house, aquatics... Read More

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Campaign Goals for Adventures Ahead

Your support for this comprehensive campaign will ensure there are many camping adventures ahead for
new generations of Scouts and the community.

Capital Construction and Improvements: $11,500,000
Dining Hall $5,000,000
Family Adventure Camp $1,000,000
Site Preparation $1,000,000
Cabins and Deluxe Tents $800,000
Land Acquisition $300,000
RV Hookups/Septic System $600,000

Bunkhouses Remodel $500,000
First Aid and Office $500,000
Showers/Restrooms $500,000
Waterfront Improvements $400,000
Property Enhancement $400,000
Climbing Center $300,000
Equipment $200,000

Endowment/Maintenance: $5,000,000
Regular Giving: ($300,000 for five years) $1,500,000

Total Goal: $18,000,000

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New Construction Projects

New lodges, bunkhouses and more are planned at Camp Thunderbird.

Stage 1:

Dale O. Johnson lodge remodel
Bunkhouse remodel of 5 units
Revitalized waterfront, including new dock, boating equipment and swimming area
Parking expansion
New 8-unit shower house
Wastewater treatment facility
Campsite improvements

Stage 2:

Improve shooting and archery areas
Construct Climbing wall
Development of a nature trail and outdoor education classroom

Stage 3:

New Dining Hall

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Camp Improvement Projects

Aquatics Area Improvement Projects

Aquatics area Improvements:

Swimming Hole Renovation
Boat House
Aquatics Entry
Restrooms / changing room
Activity Pavilion
Aquatics Signage
Landscape Aquatics Area
Lilly Pads
Life Guard stand

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Camp Akela Improvement Projects

Camp Akela Improvement Projects:

Activity Pavilion
Kitchen Pavilion
Remodel Shower House
Remodel Akela Lodge
Camp Akela Signage
4 Campsites
Landscape Camp Akela

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Outdoor Education Improvement Projects

Outdoor Education Improvement Projects:

Wetland Nature Trail
Nature Trail
Nature Activity Pavilion
Kennedy Creek Nature Trail
Conservation Activity Area
STEM activity area

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Shooting Sports Improvement Projects

Shooting Sports Improvement Projects:

22 Gun Range
Shotgun Range
Archery Range
BB Gun Range

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